Shipping Information

We ship stickers and other paper items using the following methods (in order of preference):

  • USPS first-class letter envelopes
  • USPS first-class oversize envelopes and bubble mailers
  • USPS Priority Mail (for exceptionally large orders)

Shipping is included in the price of your items. (This may change as we expand our selection of products, in order to get you the best possible price.)

We recognize that these inexpensive shipping options carry a risk of damage to their contents. If you receive an item that was damaged in shipping, send us an email at [email protected] and we may be able to send you a replacement.

International (outside of the USA) shipping

We are able to send merchandise like stickers in letter-size envelopes internationally via USPS for no additional charge to you. We will make every effort to avoid additional charges for international shipping of large orders, and we will reach out to you in the rare case that we may need to add an additional shipping charge.